Canadian Plays in Canadian Communities

Canadian Plays in Canadian Communities (CPCC) is a new inititaive lead by Playwrights Guild of Canada in partnership with Theatre Ontario. 

GOAL: To increase the production of Canadian plays in Canadian theatres for the 2017 Sesquicentennial and beyond. 


5 Canadian Plays Recommended by Playwrights

Each month, a PGC member will recommend 5 Canadian plays for production, which will be promoted on the PGC website, in our Community Newsletter and Members' Newsletter as well as on our Social Media. 

May, 2017 - Patti Flather


The Play Map of Canada

Here is our  ONLINE MAP of Canada with pins directing you to see which Canadian plays are being produced and where. The map will be updated monthly.

Anyone can submit a Canadian production to The Play Map of Canada. To get your production on the map, please fill out this FORM

  Custom Canadian Plays OutNow!

This is a new complimentary service that is offered to anyone who is looking for specific play options. Once the search request is filled out, a customized catalogue will be created and sent back to you! We will recommend Canadian plays, specifically written by PGC members. 


The Canadian Play Recognition Award

The Playwrights Guild of Canada (PGC) has a new initiative called the Canadian Play Recognition Awards. This is an online campaign that recognizes Canadian Theatre companies who have committed to producing Canadian plays in their 2017 seasons. In January of 2017, we recognized The Lighthouse Festival Theatre for their overall dedication to Canadian work from the 80's to now and beyond!

We asked Derek Ritschel to make a video of himself answering the question, "How are you celebrating Canadian Theatre in 2017?"

Not only did we want to promote Lighthouse Festival Theatre, but we wanted to feature this extraordinary company in order to motivate and inspire other companies to program more Canadian work in their seasons. We find that a lot of companies and collectives are afraid of taking on Canadian work because these shows would be too risky in regards to what their audiences are used to watching and the marketing challenges that come with it. Not only has Lighthouse Festival Theatre taken these risks proven the success of Canadian work but they have also actively supported new Canadian playwrights and plays by providing development and workshop productions.

PGC cherishes companies like Lighthouse Festival Theatre and encourages other Canadian artists to take pride in our theatre and to share our stories with each other as well as other communities. Derek and the whole Lighthouse team are Canadian Theatre champions and we continue to look forward to the Canadian theatre that lives on their stage. 

Watch Derek Ritschel's video HERE


Creator Exchange

We facilitate Creator Exchange events. 10 playwrights come together with 10 different practitioners (directors, composers, choreographers, etc.) in order to collaborate and make new connections. Our next Creator Exchanges will be an ONLINE Creator Exchange on March 27th, 2017 for World Theatre Day. 

We are also creating a Creator Exchange Tool Kit so that you can facilitate one of these events in your city! Feel free to email Monique to ask about this opportunity. 


Social Media Connections

We have started a Facebook Group for The CPCC Initiative. Our Committee can communicate with the public in order to keep everyone informed and motivated! If you would like to stay informed, go and visit our Group! 

On Twitter, make sure to use the hashtag, #CanPlays




Partnering with other Regional Theatre Organizations to connect ideas, strategies and results nationwide. 



Get ready for our new campaign called the Canadian Play Recognition Awards. Monthly, we will recognize a theatre company who has dedicated their seasons to Canadian work for 2017. You can nominate a Theatre Company HERE!

We have also made a list of companies doing All Canadian Seasons, which continues to grow! See the list HERE.


This is a growing list that will continue to develope as we move forward. If you wish to join our committee, please email,