Stephanie Turple

Stéphanie is an emerging Canadian playwright, currently residing in Ottawa, Ontario. She studied Theatre Arts and Philosophy at Laurentian University in Sudbury, Ontario, and the year following her graduation, wrote, produced, directed and performed in Our Salvation Cometh, about four Catholic teenage girls coming to grips with their church’s views on women and celibacy. The play was presented at Laurentian University and the Sudbury Fringe Theatre Festival in the spring and summer of 1997. Following that project, she remained involved in the Sudbury and then Ottawa theatre scenes as a performer and stage manager. She returned to writing in 2006, starting work on The Madness of Queen Cicely (2009), followed by Je l’ai vu dans mon urine (2010), Letters to Emily Smith (2011), Banqueroute (2011/12), Get Your Affairs in Order (2013) Bankrupt (translation of Banqueroute, 2013) and is currently working on D’après Nathalie and The Wall (working title). Her short play, Denial, was produced by the New Theatre of Ottawa as part of their 2nd annual Extremely Short New Play Festival (October / November 2013); her newest short play, A Couple Walks Into a Bar, was also produced by the New Theatre of Ottawa as part of their 3rd annual Extremely Short New Play Festival (November 2014); and her full-length comedy, Bankrupt, was produced with Plosive Productions, in collaboration with Theatre 4.669, and presented at the Gladstone Theatre in Ottawa (February / March 2015).