Shelley Hobbs

I have been a playwright for nearly twenty years.  I have recently retired from my day job as a guardianship investigations lawyer.   I am compelled to write about the interactions between people at the edge of their emotional survival, incorporating themes of isolation, compassion, the fight against oppression, and the vital importance of chosen family.

I had a drama produced for the 2017 Toronto Fringe  Festival: Happy Family.  This play was about a trio of siblings trying to find their missing mother but failing to find the essential connection between them necessary for the search to work.  It starred Kristi Woods, Adele Power, and Leonard Scott-Collins.

In 2016, my play A Good Death was presented at the Toronto Fringe Festival at the Tarragon Extra Space. Directed by Elizabeth Saunders, and starring  Laura Schutt and Tracey Ferencz, it was heralded as a "gritty humane gem".   

A Good Death had been previously selected for the innaugural "Clean Sheets" festival of new LGBT plays by Screaming Weenie Theatre of Vancouver BC in 2009.  It received a staged reading there, and was selected as a finalist for theTheatre Aurora Playwrights of Spring 2010.  In 2010, A Good Death received the further honour of being chosen for the St. John's NFLD "She Said Yes" Theatre's Mail Order Dramaturgy program in which dramaturge Lois Brown worked with me on the play.

A musical for which I wrote the book and co-wrote lyrics - Hipcheck-the musical - was a Best of the Fringe for the Toronto Fringe 2009.  

More to come, always.