Shauna Johannesen

Associate Member

Shauna Johannesen left Edmonton to pursue a BA at Calvin College in Michigan, and an MA from the Vrije Universiteit in Amsterdam. Between the two, she taught grade five in Honduras and now lives and works in Vancouver as a playwright and actor. Her all-female show Surprise. premiered at the Women at Play(s) 3 festival in 2008 and had subsequent productions in Edmonton's Nextfest and Kaleido Family Arts Festivals. Charades premiered in 2010 at the Ignite! Festival in Calgary, and Deadley: A Ridiculous Medley of Scenes about Death debuted at the 2010 Vancouver Fringe Festival. Currently she's devleoping a full-length family drama with Pacific Theatre in Vancouver.

When not writing, Shauna can be found on stage and screen, bringing her own and other's words to life. Or trying to sell you household goods while you wait for your show to come back on. She is also the PGC representative for BC Mainland and Interior.