Sarah Hodgkinson

     I am an elementary public school teacher whose passion is Drama, Theatre and Improv. I live in Woodstock, ON, with my husband, Craig, and two children, Matt and Ema, and our Spinone Italiano dog named "Sorella."

     I studied Drama in Education at Brock University with Margaret Burke. In high school, I excelled in Drama under the teaching of Jack Beattie at South Secondary School in London, ON. Prior to that, I was an original "Original Kid" with David Conron at Tecumseh Public School in London, ON. David Conron introduced me to the stage, Jack Beattie introduced me to playwriting and directing and Margaret Burke taught me about the importance of drama in education. 

     I have written several children's plays over the years including "Whose in my Attic?" for the London Children's Festival and "An Evening with Walt Disney" for a school in Auckland, New Zealand.

     I began my teaching career in 1996 in Auckland, NZ. There I directed several plays including a picnic-style production of "The Wind in the Willows" written by Mike Carter. When I returned to Canada in 2000, I spent the next few years learning about Improv through the Canadian Improv Games and a dear friend, Joe Sheik (principal with Thames Valley D.S.B.). Together we host the Drama Festival at the TVDSB main office for students in grades 6-8. The day involves Improv workshops in the morning and a friendly competition in the afternoon. I also support all of our local theatre companies (Enchanted Theatre Company and CAST Theatre Woodstock). I am a frequent judge for "Improv Night" at the Enchanted Theatre Co. and recently co-directd "Over Worked and Underpaid: Labour Unrest in Fairytale Land" at the Enchanted Theatre Co. in June 2015. I also make it a habit to take my class each year to see the productions provided by CAST Theatre Woodstock. I am also addicted to seeing plays in Toronto (Mirvish), Stratford (Stratford Festival) and London (Grand Theatre).

     Over the years I have directed students in many plays including "Cinderella Wore Combat Boots" (Dramatists Play Service, Inc.), "The Wizard of Oz" and "You're a Good Man, Charlie Brown" (Tams-Witmark, NY), and "The Wind in the Willows" (Playwrights Guild of Canada). I have also been fortunate to have some students (grade 7 and 8) write plays for me to direct.

     Until just recently, I have served as the Western Ontario Regional Representative for CODE (Council of Ontario Drama and Dance Educators). I have also presented several Drama (Inspiring Writing Through Drama) and Improv workshops for the Thames Valley D.S.B. and ETFO Thames Valley Local.

     Theatre and drama have given me the courage to travel the world and enjoy life to its absolute fullest. I hope to provide the students I teach with this life changing experience throughout my career. I leave you with my three favourite quotes of all time;

     "Imagination is more important than knowledge."       ~ Albert Einstein  

     "Failure is impossible."       ~ Susan B. Anthony

     "Are we doing a play this year, Mrs. H?"     ~ Every student I have ever directed