Sandra Dempsey

Multiple-award-winning, internationally-acclaimed playwright and performer. In addition to produced and published full-length plays Flying To Glory: Prairie boys take flight in the R.C.A.F. In WWII, D'Arcy, and Enigma, and her produced 1-act Armagideon, Dempsey's short, produced and published plays include Casualties, Clap-Trap, Orders, Barbie & Ken, Barbie und Ken, Legacy, Air Apparent, Officer Drag, Pee-Pipe, Pierre La, Wings and a Prayer, Air Apparent, and Rosa's Lament. Dempsey's writing is uncomprising, powerful and vital; compassionate and impassioned.

All plays available directly from the playwright, via the web at:

Through the Canada Council Author Readings programme, Sandra presents popular performance-readings of excerpts of her plays.

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