Roxanne Thornton


Roxanne Thornton grew up in small town rural Ontario. She is a retired secondary school teacher who has been writing and publishing work since the mid 1960's. Roxanne received her Hon. B.A in Fine Art at McMaster University and her Masters Degree from Brock. She has also studied at Queens, York, Guelph, Nipissing and Western Universities, mainly in Drama, English, History and Law.

Most of her freelance work has been related to theatre, and her articles often appear in local papers. Two magazine articles she is most proud of are “My First Love Affair” Spring 2009 edition of OUR HOMES, and “Georgetown Little Theatre is Alive and Well”  Winter 2011 edition of IN OUR SPACE. Roxanne has written, produced and performed several mystery dinner theatre scripts and various commissioned works such as Murder on the Airwaves (2008), Mystery on the Princess (2009) and The Historical Memorial Arena Vignettes (2013).

Her first full length comedy “Can Lightning Strike Twice?” was produced by Janet Clattenburg with Caledon Townhall Players in 2012. This farcical comedy with a twist is loosely about God and retribution. When our immoral golf pro friend Don “Juan” Defleur gets himself in a little deeper than he planned with both his current mistress and also his older female benefactor, all hell breaks loose in Howard’s small studio apartment in the heart of downtown Acton. Add to that a gunshot, a lightning storm, a robbery at the elite golf course Glenn Acton and of course our dogs body Howard working madly to keep all the balls in the air and still hoping that Don will learn his lesson and become a decent human being, and you get the masterly crafted comedy “Can Lightning Strike Twice?”.

Roxanne is currently working on “The Franklin Conspiracy” . She would like to acknowledge the greatly appreciated advice of renown playwright, Dan Needles in this project, and hope that in the end it will meet his high expectations.

Although a playwright, Roxanne is no stranger to theatre audiences either. She’s been active in community theatres for over forty years, both on stage and behind the scenes. A woman of many talents, she enjoys all aspects of theatre. She writes, directs, produces, choreographs, designs sets, props and costumes. She has received nine ACT-CO (Association of Community Theatres- Central Ontario) nominations over the past nine years and garnered five coveted THEA awards for Best Set, Costumes, and Directing in a Comedy.

“Can Lightning Strike Twice?” is available at very reasonable rates for Community Theatres. Please contact the playwright for purchase of the rights or script. It may also be found on the ACT-CO website under home grown theatre.

Roxanne especially enjoys writing scripts specifically for our wonderful community theatres. If you have something in mind, do not hesitate to contact her.