Rosemary Rowe

Rosemary Rowe is playwright, essayist, blogger and performer whose plays, cabaret pieces and occasional donut performance art have been produced on stages across Canada.

Most recently, her play The Good Bride had its second production with Handsome Alice Theatre in Calgary - the premiere production of The Good Bride opened the 40th Season of Edmonton’s Northern Light Theatre and won a Sterling award for Outstanding New Play. Her Camp Victoria received its world premiere at Lunchbox Theatre in Calgary, where it was nominated for a Betty Mitchell Award for Outstanding New Play; one of her oldest plays, No One Showed Up for the Anarchist Rally, was staged as part of Theatre Network's Nextfest 20th Anniversary Showcase. Her short play Anne and Diana were TOTALLY DOING IT was published in Queering the Way: The Loud and Queer Anthology and her essay Aspiring Lesbian Aunt was published in the LAMBDA Literary Award nominated anthology A Family By Any  Other Name: Exploring Queer Relationships. Rose is currently collaborating with composer and lyricist Cameron Northey on a musical version of her Edmonton Fringe hit Alice Didn’t Have Those Mondo Ears. She’s pretty sure they’ll change that title.

Rose’s personal blog,, landed her a spot as national finalist on CBC Radio's inaugural Canada Writes – on the same day as her wedding. She didn’t win the contest, but she did win at love.  Rose and her wife Kate live in Vancouver.



Award Category Year Play
Betty Mitchell Award Nomination Outstanding New Play 2014 Camp Victoria
Elizabeth Sterling Haynes Award Outstanding New Play 2016 The Good Bride


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