Rex Deverell

Rex Deverell was born in Toronto in 1941 and raised in Orillia, Ontario. He holds arts and theology degrees from McMaster and from Union Theological Seminary. In 1971, Rex began to write plays at first for the Globe Theatre school company and ultimately became the Globe's first permanent Playwright-in-Residence. Deverell's first work for the Globe main stage was Boiler Room Suite. Since then, Boiler Room Suite has received international productions, including translations in French and Japanese. The Banff Centre toured an operatic version of the play in the U.K. (music by Quentin Doolittle.)

Deverell mined Saskatchewan history for plays like Number 1 Hard, Medicare, and Black Powder. In 1987 he wrote and directed a play Prairie Wind, a romp through the history of the province's legislature - for a Royal Gala.

Through these years Deverell's work included many styles of theatre: cabaret, satire, docu-drama, and personal, poetic work like Drift, or Quartet for Three Actors, translations like the Oresteia and The Servant of Two Masters. Nor did he ever lose his interest in writing for young audiences.

In 1990 he moved to Toronto.

Deverell scripts have been commissioned by The Golden Horshoe Players, the Banff Music Theatre programme, Canadian Artists Workshop Theatre, and Mixed Company.

Recent work: Ellis Portal: The City at Night with composer Andrew Ager; forum theatre pieces with Simon Malbogat (Mixed Company, Toronto) and two companies of street experienced youth.