Rahul Varma

Born in 1952 in India, Rahul Varma moved to Canada in 1976. He is a playwright, essayist and an activist. In 1981, he co-founded Teesri Duniya Theatre, which is dedicated to producing socially relevant theatre examining issues of cultural representation and diversity in Canada. Rahul became the company's artistic director in 1986. He is a member of the editorial board of alt.theatre, Canada's only theatre quarterly dedicated to cultural diversity and the stage.

 He writes both in Hindi and English, which is the language of his adulthood. He made his first forays into English language with a series of one-act plays that included Job Stealer, Isolated Incident and Equal Wages. With Land Where the Trees Talk, in 1989, he turned his attention to the creation of full-length plays. His full-length works include No Man's Land, Trading Injuries (radio drama), Counter Offence and Bhopal. Counter Offence has been translated into French as L'Affaire Farhadi and Italian as Il Caso Farhadi. Bhopal has been translated into French, and Hindi as Zahreeli Hawa. He is honored to have worked with India's pre-eminent director Late Habib Tanvir. His most recent plays are Truth and Treason and State of Denial