PGC Publications

Have you ever wondered what the resources are that Playwrights Guild of Canada offers to its members? From script templates and agency listings to guidelines for script submissions and collaborative agreements, PGC has been building up a members-only resource library for the past 40 years!

Fearing that it is selfish to keep this gold mine of theatrical knowledge to ourselves, PGC has decided to offer these resources to be purchased by non-members at a small cost. Below you will find a list of updated resources to help you navigate the wonderful world of playwriting, but remember that these resources (and many more!) are already available FREE OF CHARGE to PGC members. 

You will find individual resources as well as packages aimed at specific interests such as Educators, Collaborators and Emerging Writers. However, keep in mind that the price of each of these packages alone is more than the cost of a supporting membership (only $39.55 tax included)! Why not just join today and access all of our resources for free?

If you are already a member and see something below that you would like, please visit the member's lounge and download any desired files, or email Rachel at with your request and she will send them your way.