Patrick Young

PATRICK YOUNG has written four award-winning biographical plays (three of them with music by Bob Ashley), several adaptations of classics, and numerous industrial shows. "Winnie", written for the late George Merner, premièred at the Charlottetown Festival in 1979 and was later filmed for television. Aimee! followed in 1981, The Class for The Group of Several in 1988, and Abigail or The Gold Medal for the Lighthouse Festival Theatre in 1990. His adaptations of The Maid's Tragedy by Beaumont and Fletcher, The Taming of the Tamer by Fletcher alone, Witches & Bitches by Shakespeare and Friends, and The Witlings by Frances Burney, were all created for Theatre Erindale. As founding Artistic Director, he led the joint Sheridan-University of Toronto Mississauga actor-training company for its first twenty-five years, personally directing (and often designing) twenty-two shows from Wycherly to Wertenbaker and from Shakespeare to French. Previously a well-known actor and director across Canada, he has also held the posts of Artistic Director of Dalhousie Theatre Productions in Halifax, Director/Dramaturg of the Musical Theatre Writers' Colony at the Muskoka Festival, and Associate Director/Playwright in Residence at the Lighthouse Festival Theatre. He lives in Toronto.

In 2017, PATRICK YOUNG was chosen one of the 50 most influential people in the first 50 years of the University of Toronto Mississauga.