Marianne (M.P.) Fedunkiw

Marianne (M.P.) Fedunkiw, a Toronto writer and playwright, is the author of three books including her first novel, A Degree of Futility (FriesenPress, 2014) and more than 75 articles on topics ranging from ice hockey to medical history.  Her plays have been read and performed in the UK (Oxford University) and Toronto (Alumnae Theatre, Village Playhouse). 

In 2004, she received a Wellcome Trust grant to write a play based on the diaries of an English woman physician who volunteered in Serbia during WWI.  Excerpts from this full-length historical drama, The Influence of Beauty, were read at The Arts & Letters Club and as part of a staged reading at York University (Toronto).  The play deals with the role of women in war, professionalization of women in early 20th century, and intercultural issues.

Her one-act farce, Ashes to Ashes, was first performed in the New Ideas Festival (NIF Toronto) in 2010 and then reprised twice including The Village Playhouse for Sweets and Treats 2011.  In his review of NIF 2010, Sam Mooney wrote, "Glenna, my play partner, and I both loved Ashes to Ashes. It’s a fast-paced, well written and well performed play about siblings getting ready to scatter their mother’s ashes. We both thought that it was a bit like a Noel Coward play or a zany 1930s film comedy. It will go places.  Maybe to a Mirvish theatre? Anyone at Mirvish reading this?"

Her short two-hander, Where Do You Get Off?, which deals with death and organ donors, was part of the 2011 New Ideas Festival.  It was recently published in The Longship Review, vol. 2.

A graduate of the Humber College Summer Writers’ Workshop and the Banff Centre's 'Writing with Style' workshop, Marianne is currently refining The Influence of Beauty for the 100th anniversary of WWI as well as a young adult novel about a girl growing up Ukrainian Canadian in Toronto in the 1930s. 

She has a PhD in medical history and an MA in journalism, and has worked as a communications consultant within the university and healthcare sectors.