Lyle Victor Albert

Born in Bonnyville, Alberta , Lyle Victor Albert began writing for theatre in the early eighties. His plays include The Prairie Church of Buster Galloway, White On White, Ba Ha Ha, Cut, Wheelie, and Waves. These works have been produced across Canada, in the U.S. as well as in Europe and Australia.

For the past several years, Vic has toured extensively throughout North America and Europe with his first one man show, Scraping the Surface, including theatre festivals in Vancouver, Toronto, Seattle, Edinburgh, Dublin and Belfast. He has performed at the Kennedy Center in Washington D.C. and The Brooklyn Academy of Music.

Scraping the Surface was the 1996 winner of Edmonton's Sterling Award for Outstanding New Play. After adapting Scraping the Surface for young audiences, the show was awarded Vancouver's Jessie Award for Outstanding Script and Performance for a High School Audience in 1997. Vic was also nominated for Toronto's Chalmers award for Best New Play for Young Audiences.

Vic continues to tour with Scraping the Surface along with his other one man show, Objects in Mirror are Stranger than they Appear. Jumpin' Jack, Vic's third solo show, premiered at Calgary's One Yellow Rabbit's High Performance Rodeo in January 2002 and was remounted by Vancouver's Theatre Terrific in 2004. It was produced at the Edmonton Fringe Festival in 2008. Jumpin' Jack was nominated for ther 2008 Siminovitch Prize in Playwriting