Kirsten Van Ritzen

Kirsten is thrilled to be a member of PGC. Kirsten is a writer/performer of several solo plays including Petunia in Peril (Summerworks Festival) , The Kirsten Van Ritzen Show (Broad Theatrics) and All My Day Jobs which is published in the anthology of solo plays One For The Road (Signature Editions). An excerpt from All My Day Jobs was also published by the National Post. Kirsten is the author of a humour novel The Comedy Diva Diaries and has two full-length plays in development.  

As a professional actor, Kirsten has performed in theatres across Canada as well as in TV/film. She has appeared in numerous premieres including The Buz'Gem Blues (Lighthouse), Alley Cats The Musical (Hoarse Raven), Little Women (Kaleidoscope), Exit Othello (Workshop West), Naming the Animals (Union), There's Nothing in the Paper (Blyth Festival), as well as many new play workshops and readings. Kirsten has an extensive background in comedy and improvisation. She also directs and produces theatre as Artistic Director of Broad Theatrics. For detailed credits and the latest news please visit her website.