Jessica Outram

Jessica Outram is a writer and educator. Her plays, Once Upon a Rocking Chair and Hunt Week explore the women and men of the De La Roche family on Georgian Bay. 

Once Upon a Rocking Chair is play about two generations of women, mothers and daughters, reflecting on the validity of happily-ever-after during a week together at a family cottage. 

Hunt Week is a play about the men of the De La Roche family. It includes six days of hunting, a scenic wilderness location, indoor plumbing, beer, worms, and one dead bear. The men must triumph over cowardice, failure, and death to bring home the greatest trophy of all. In reclaiming their inner wild man, who will be left behind?

Jessica Outram: Master of Arts in Adult Education and Community Development, Métis citizen, and an elementary school principal in Northumberland.

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