Estate of Louis Capson

Louis Capson was born in Fredericton, New Brunswick.  In 1944, he obtained a B.A from the University of Victoria and completed an M.F.A in theatre at Yale.  In 1969 he founded Creation 2, a communal theatre ensemble based in Toronto, which remains one of the most unusual iconoclastic theatre groups in Canada.  Capson's first play, THE POTTER'S FIELD, was produced in 1967.  Since then he has written twenty-five full-length plays, most of which have been produced by Creation 2.  These include Capson's adaptation of CRIME AND PUNISHMENT, and FACE CRIME, a study of Joseph Stalin.

Capson's plays generally deal with philosophical and political issues, seen from his highly individual perspective: "I think that a living, breathing human being, saying something in front of an audience, is one of the ways to demystify experience...What I'm trying to do is a theatre about thought and ideas."

Louis Capson has held lecturing positions at York and Ryerson University, as well as taught acting at the University of Victoria.