Estate of George Ryga

(1932–87). Born in Deep Creek, in the Athabasca region of northern Alberta, he was raised in a Ukrainian farming community there. His formal education consisted of seven years in a one-room schoolhouse and a brief period at the University of Texas in 1949, after which he worked as a farm labourer, in construction, and at a radio station in Edmonton. In 1962 he decided he could make his living as a writer, and the following year he and his wife Norma, with their children, moved to Summerland, British Columbia, where they resided until his death. His writings include plays, novels, essays, short stories, poetry, and film scripts.

Ryga's dramatic technique often blends realism, poetry, dance and song, and juxtaposes past and present, though the surrealistic devices in his plays are not always successful. Invariably he sided with the oppressed and the exploited, and spoke out against injustices in Canadian society.

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