Drew Carnwath

Drew Carnwath is a Toronto-based playwright, screenwriter and performer. A member of Tarragon Theatre's 96/97 Playwrights Unit, Drew's award-winning plays (including GRACE AND AFTER, I DREAM OF THE LIVING and POWER AND CHANCE) have all been produced aross North America. Further, his plays JOHNNYVILLE, TOTAL BODY WASHOUT and HIDE AND SEEK have each been published by Playwrights Canada Press. More recently Drew's hit play, the epic and immersive HOGTOWN, enjoyed an eight week run in the summer of 2016 at Toronto's Campbell House.  

As ascreenwriter Drew was a member of the Canadian Film Centre, both the Feature Film Program and the TV Bootcamp/Showrunner Program. Three of his feature scripts have received development assistance from Telefilm and the HG/Astral Media Fund, and he currently has several television series in advanced stages of development. Meanwhile Drew hopes to continue building cross-discipline theatre which explores the complexities and absurdities of the human experience.