David Simmonds

David has worked in theatre, film, and music as an actor, director, and writer.

Trained and performed as an actor through the mid-seventies as a contract player of the Actor’s Workshop in Vancouver.

David established, owned and operated the Screen Actor’s Studio in Victoria B.C. 1985 - 2015.

He now 'writes every day' and is busy in pre-production for staging of two of his original plays.

As an established lyricst he is interested in developing musical projects with arrnagers / composers. 

A founding member of both CineVic the Society for Independent Filmmakers and the Victoria Film Festival.



STAGE (Actor):

A Day in the Life (lead) – (Dir. Mallie Bowman)

I’ll Get My Man – Phillip King (Metro Vancouver)

Roll Call Record – Actors Studio (Vancouver)

Dir. Gorilla Love – 24 Hour Play Project (2007)


WRITER/DIRECTOR (Lyrics/Libretto):

Moving Day (based on the music of Erik Satie), Original workshop Victoria Fringe Festival.

(Currently seeking an arranger for collaboration on updated libretto).


FILM (Writer/Director):

Creekside – Writer, Script and Lyrics. Dir. Wayne Sterloff

Cravings – T.V. Writer/Dir. Broadcast Ch 11

The Weatherman – Writer. Dir. Arthur Rabin

Ind. Writer/Dir. Fortune Bay and Two Tickets to Cairo



Alma (Alma Rattenbury – feature length)

Postcards From Amor – Episodic on Amor de Cosmos


ACTOR (Film):

Buzz Wray and His Telephone (Lead: Weiner. Dir. Wayne Sterloff).

Patman (James Coburn)


MUSIC (Writer/Lyrics):

Amelia Earhart (B.T.O. Rock n’ Roll Nights)

Jimmy Pattison Group Trade Show (lyrics for 24 companies)

Between a Rock and a Heartache – Lee Greenwood

Ordinary People Bootleg Band (awarded B.C. Country Song of the Year, 1987)

Commercials (Incl. Saskatchewan Wheat Pool, White Spot Burgers. Laura Secord, etc.)




Award Category Year Play
"Ordinary People" Bootleg Band B.C. Country Song of the Year 1987