David M. Pody

After graduating with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Theatre from the University of Delaware, Mr. Pody began his acting career with Studio Lab Theatre in Toronto. His years with that children’s theatre company took him on many tours of Ontario, Nova Scotia, and Italy.  He also worked with other theatre companies in Ontario, Saskatchewan, and Quebec.

After meeting the love of his life, Donna, he settled down and began writing for Theatre-Go-Round in the great and beautiful metropolis of Petrolia, Ontario. His first published play for TGR, Ah, Men!, received enthusiastic reviews. He was then commissioned to write for their children’s company. He wrote Lord, What Fools!, which was eventually published by the forerunner of the Playwright’s Guild of Canada. It was subsequently published in a compilation of plays from Canada, the United States, England, and Australia titled In Character, edited by Jeff Siamon and published by Nelson Canada. The play was then included in a tenth grade English textbook, titled Sightlines 10, published by Prentice Hall. Youtheater, a children’s company in Montreal commissioned Mr. Pody to write plays for them. One of them, Kristal Dreams, was such a success that after touring the English speaking schools in the province, the French-speaking schools asked that it be performed in English at their schools…a great honor. Kristal Dreams was performed at the Biennale, the International Children’s Theatre Festival. It was then published byCanadian Theatre Review as that year’s selection for high school audiences.

After 16 years of performing for children’s companies, Mr. Pody returned to college and got a B.A. in English Education and a Master’s Degree in Education and worked for 25 years as an English Teacher and Drama Club Director…at best a lateral move since both careers involve writing and performing for children. He has since written several new plays in the years that he ran a drama club.