David Fennario

Born in Montreal PQ, in 1947, David Fennario worked in a number of small jobs before he enrolled in Dawson College and published his journal - Without a Parachute (later adapted as a play). His first play, On the Job, was produced at Centaur in 1975 and became an immediate success. His subsequent plays - Nothing to Lose, Toronto, Balconville, Moving, The Murder of Catherine Parr - were all produced at Centaur to great acclaim, some touring across the province and nationally and, in Balconville's case, internationally. He has also written and performed in one-man shows: Banana Boots is about his life in the theatre, Gargoyles tells the history of his beloved Point St. Charles from a working class point of view; Condoville, his play from 2005, revisits the characters of Balconville 26 years later. His recent play, Fessenden's Follies was adapted for radio and performed before a live audience for local community radio stations.