David Fancy

David Fancy is a playwright, performer, scholar and teacher. He is permanent faculty at the Marilyn I Walker School of Fine and Performing Arts at Brock University in St Catharines where he teaches critical theory, performance, and the intersection between theatre and philosophy. 

David has two current writing projects in pre-production: A new circus musical (music with Jonathan Mastro) entitled Shotgun Wedding playing a run of 60 shows at the Greg Frewin Theatre in Niagara Falls summer 2017 (with Zacada Entertainment), and a play about migrant workers entitled Our Lady of Delicias staged by Essential Collective Theatre at the St Catharines Performing Arts Centre in March 2018.

David received his professional training as both a performer and a scholar at the Samuel Beckett Centre, Trinity College, in Dublin. During the 1990s in Ireland he completed his doctorate by day while working as a professional music theatre performer by night in shows such as Jaques Brel is Alive and Well and Living in Paris, Farewell Ella, Oklahoma, and the Kurt Weil Cabaret, including various long running television spots. He worked with Teesri Duniya and Black Theatre workshop in Montreal from 2002 until 2004 before moving to Niagara. He formed neXt Company Theatre in 2009 and generated new creations regularly until 2013. These include That Woman:Sex Tragedy, a piece about sex in a mediatized world, about which former theatre critic for the New York Times, Guardian, and Variety Karen Fricker writes: “Contemporary Western society is screwed up about sex. On the one hand, prudery reigns: simple conversations about sexuality are for many people still cringeably difficult, even among family and friends. On the other,  a multi-billion dollar porn industry booms, often involving the exploitation of women and girls. David Fancy’s new play,That Woman/Sex Tragedy, locates itself right at the heart of this contradiction. It’s a funny, disturbing story about four people trying to negotiate their relationships to sex, pleasure, love, and procreation – and to each other. But it’s also an angry indictment of how societal hypocrisy about sex can ruin lives. Savvy use of technology adds further depth and variation to Monica Dufault’s already bravura multi-character performance. This is a timely, sophisticated, political entertainment that deserves a broad audience.”

His creation, Khalida, a piece he wrote for an Iraqi friend of his who was Saddam Hussein's favourite actor, was a critical success with Richard Rose of the Tarragon writing that "Khalida is a complex rendering of the extraordinary life of an Iraqi immigrant to North America. It is a collision of worlds, culture and politics paralleled by a clash of theatrical styles." Iris Turcott of Factory Theatre affirmed that Khalida is “A dense, challenging and noteworthy achievement for playwright David Fancy. It is a compact, dynamic, poignant, and politically relevant piece of writing that deftly steers its way through war, torture, isolation, love, confession, revelation and peace. And it is not without humour.”

David's piece entitled CUT about the fear of pain called CUT was described by Iris Turcott as “Provocative, poetic and poignant – Fancy’s examination of pain is deeply incisive”.

GOYA: techno/opera, a piece about painter Francisco Goya (music WL Altman) was performed at the ShuBox Theatre at the Unievrsity of Regina in the fall of 2015, and toured to Mexico City in February 2017.