Dale Lakevold

Dale Lakevold lives in Brandon, Manitoba. His plays include Never Never Mind, Kurt Kurt Cobain; L-Love's Body; and Stretching Hide (Theatre Projects Manitoba); and Wild Geese and Cross Creek (University of Winnipeg). His play Stretching Hide, co-written with Darrell Racine, first appeared at the Native Earth Performing Arts festival Weesageechack Begins to Dance XVI in 2003. His play Misty Lake, also co-written with Darrell Racine, has been published by Loon Books (2006), Adler & Ringe (2001), and Kingfisher in the anthology Voice of the Drum (2000). Misty Lake and Stretching Hide are the first two plays in a cycle of plays exploring Aboriginal life and history in Canada. His audio theatre installation Notes for a Speech on (Canadian) Flagmaking was produced by the Brandon Arts Collective at the Art Gallery of Southwestern Manitoba in 2004. He teaches English and creative writing at Brandon University. He is a member of the Manitoba Association of Playwrights and the Manitoba Writers Guild.