Chloë Whitehorn

A graduate of Queen’s University’s theatre program, Chloë Whitehorn is a playwright, actor and underwater photographer. Chloë's plays often examine taboo moralities, tragic love, and the licentious desires and imaginative reasoning of human beings, and have been performed across North America. Her work has been published in two monologue collections (City Voices: Book of Monologues by Toronto Artists and One on One: Playing With Purpose).

For more information please visit her webpage:

Chloe’s plays include:
"Clarissa on her Deathbed"
"Divine Wrecks"
"The Deepest Trench"
"Love, Virtually" (Best of Fringe, Toronto 2011) 
"The Frank Diary of Anne"
"Jegger and Malone"
"Dressing Amelia"

"Verona Heights"
"AEON: an evolution of sin"
"The List"
"Wasting Time"
"Lei in Love's Shadow"

Chloe received a Toronto Arts Council grant to write "Divine Wrecks" which premiered at the Alumnae Theatre FireWorks Festival in November 2015.



Breakfast art
Leaving Montorosso in the Cinque Terre
Tonight's wine
UK security WAY better than Toronto's. Crazy story to follow once we return.
Eating a caprese salad in Capri Town on the island of Capri after swimming in the Bay of Naples. Tomorrow Florence. Life is good. #Italy