Carol Libman

Carol Libman, born in Montreal, began her writing career with The Montreal Gazette. Published in several newspapers, magazines, and produced on stage, she has acted as publicist for theatres, and cultural and community organizations. She was a founding "mom" of Playwrights' Workshop Montreal (PWM). Upon her relocation to Toronto in 1984, PWM honoured her by establkshing the Carol Libman Resource Centre. Her early work was mainly produced by Playwrights' Workshop Montreal. She is an active member of the New Play Development group of the Alumnae Theatre (Toronto). She is steadfastly aided and abetted by her supportive family.

In March, 2014 two of her plays  were onstage in Toronto:  " A Life Beyond Doubt", a full-length play professionally produced by Tomorrow's Eve Theatre, directed by lindi g. papoff, at Sterling Studio Theatre, 163 Sterling Road, Unit 5, Toronto, March 5 - 15.

The second, "Airport Tales" is a comedy, the first stand-alone scene of a longer play, in Week  Three of the Alumnae Theatre's New ideas Festival, March 26- 30.  It has since been extended to five scenes, following the adventures of 90-year old Evalina as she wends her way from Toronto to Saskatoon, and back, encountering adventures and turning lives upside down in the process.

Other recent productions inlude "A Very Different Place", a one-act play at the New Ideas Festival at the Alumnae Theatre, now being developed into a full length, and given a public reading at the 2015 Big Ideas Festival of the Alumnae Theatre; and earlier, a reading of "Sins of the Fathers" (working title) at the Alumnae's Big Ideas Festival which is now in revision mode with dramaturg/director lindi g. papoff.

"Who Killed Henry" is a comedy-mystery still searching for a home.

 Her monologue, "In the Absence of Music" is included in the recently published book of monologues, "City Voices".  She is also a regular contributor to CARPActionOnLine, the electronic newsletter of CARP - A New Vision of Aging for Canada:  her columns appear under the titles CAROL'S CORNER (where she is allowed to roam the world for subject matter) and CAROL IN YOUR CORNER. which deals with issues facing Canadians as they age (or grow up, if you prefer).

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