Bruno Lacroix

Bruno Lacroix

is a French-Canadian playwright on the rise. He is also the founder of Le Théâtre Bleu, a 200 seats venue, cabaret-style in St-Jean-de-Brébeuf, Quebec.

After a life of manual labour he decided to get back writing comedies as he did when studying at Laval University in 1984 (Theater-Cinema-Journalism).

He wrote 2 plays, at that moment, that were staged and produced. 

So one can say he is a late bloomer, having started serious writing only in 2012 at the age of 53.

He lives in a rural area with his loyal dog, Figaro, an English Bulldog.

His influences comes from the burlesque and vaudeville era: Laurel & Hardy, Abott & Costello, Lucille Ball, Jerry Lewis, Jacques Tati and Louis De Funès, to name a few.

His publishers talks enthusiastiscally about the Lacroix style as his universal sense of humour (as they say in the UK) has reached abroad.

His plays are being staged in Switzerland, France, Canada, Belgium, Luxembourg and the USA as of today.

Here is what Robert Jarman, famous Australian director, has to say about his latest comedy "Human Rat Lab":

"You have a staggeringly good ear for dialogue. The words fairly crack along. And you have a good eye/mind for the "memorable scene" - I mean things like the marvellous Spanish nurse scene, and the crazy Viagra fuelled scene.

I did find it interesting read what is essentially a grace from North America. I can't think of many other American farces - it seems a very British/European form. I guess that's the Canadian heritage. So I found that really interesting to read.

And I have to say I think you handle the form very well. Farce is HARD because it has to stay JUST this side of complete unbelievably. I mean, it is crazy, it is mad, it is IMPROBABLE, but it must never be IMPOSSIBLE. And I think you handle that really really well. The pill idea is very clever, and it allows you to do all sorts of things (comically and with the plot) but it never FEELS clever. It never feels like a device. It feels very natural, very integrated. That is a considerable achievement. So bravo on that."


Robert Jarman,

Co-founder and director of Hobart’s highly successful Blue Cow Theatre and recipiendary of the Federation Medal for his services to Performing Arts in 2002.



List of plays:

1- Haut Vol, has been staged in Switzerland and in Quebec in 2014 and 2015.

2- Lofty Larceny, adapted from Haut Vol, has been staged in the U.S.A in 2016.

    Published by

3-La Perle Rose, has been staged in Quebec in 2014 and 2015.

4-The Pink Pearl, adapted from La Perle Rose.

    Published by:

5- Carlingue pour Saint-Domingue, staged in Canada in 2015.

6- Cobaye Humain, staged many times in France and Canada in 2015, 2016 and will be in 2017 as well.

7-Human Rat Lab, adapted from Cobaye Humain. 2015 

Published by:

8- Mentor un jour, mentor toujours, co-written with François Scharre. 2015 Published at la Libraire Théâtrale de Paris.

9- Nuit Blanche en traversin, co-written with François-Xavier Torre. 2015. Staged in 2016 and will be in 2017 in Canada and France.

10-Le Principe Arlequin, co-written with François-Xavier Torre. 2016