Andrew Gaboury

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Andrew Gaboury graduated from York University's B.A. Honours program in Theatre Studies, where he trained in both playwriting and devised theatre (the Creative Ensemble).

After graduation, in August 2009, Gaboury's first one-act play, A Liminal Masque, was given a staged-reading with the Summerworks Festival's Under 25 Reading Series directed by Evalyn Parry.

Since graduating, Gaboury has been working closely with the museum Black Creek Pioneer Village to animate their site with plays [Wedded Bliss (2008), Reginald's Return (2009), The Triumphant Return of the Three Kings (2010) and The Great Confederation Debate(2012) & The Fantastic Voyages of the Three Kings (2014)] as well as with interactive children's theatre [Sherlock Holmes & The Clockmaker Mystery (2013) Sherlock Holmes & the Mystery of the Golden Egg (2014), Sherlock Holmes & the Tricky Thief (2015)Hook's Pirate-Crew Try-Outs (2011) & The Mad Hatter's Tea Party (2011)]. 

In 2010, Gaboury co-founded The Four Winds Collective (currently on hiatus) with Carla Johnston. Four Winds was a group dedicated to the development of new work through initiatives like The Windmill (a weekly writer's circle) and A Night of Lies (a public showcase of work in development) and original production. With Peter Counter, in 2011, The Four Winds Collective adapted an H. P. Lovecraft short story called The Rats in the Walls. It was mounted site-specifically in a 150-year old log cabin at Black Creek Pioneer Village. In 2012, Andrew directed Counter's original play, Vic Harbour, at the Toronto Fringe Festival.

Gaboury's short play, Rummy, was staged by Thomas McKechnie of Living Room Theatre for the New Art Night Festival in 2012.

In 2014, he wrote The Fantastic Voyages of the Three Kings, a Victorian Christmas pageant as part of Black Creek Pioneer Village's Christmas By Lamplight event. This was a sequel, utilizing similar characters that appeared two years before in The Triumphant Return of the Three Kings at the same event (2010).

Gaboury's writing has been performed at Theatre Caravel's Sea Change (2013), Living Room Theatre's New Art Night (2013, 2012), and Monday Night of New Works (2013), Hamilton Fringe Festival Gallery Mini-Series (2013, 2014), James Street Supercrawl (2014), Micah Entertainment's Collage:Synergy (2015), Anandam Dancetheatre's Body Brake 4.0 (2015), Frog in Hand Productions's Off the Wall (2015).

Gaboury currently runs a field of crowns, a multi-disciplinary theatre company that produces original plays (totem. & Add Friend), a quarterly night of dance, theatre, music and performance called Seasonal Activities, various installations events and workshops.

Gaboury is a co-Artistic Director of hub14 art and performance works.



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