Pat the Dog Playwright Centre

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Lisa O'Connell - Artistic Director

Pat the Dog Playwright Centre is dedicated to the development of both contemporary Canadian work and new writers for the stage in Ontario. Our objective is to provide a critical and encouraging environment for the playwright to further their craft and prepare new scripts for production.


Today at 5: Woodland Play Walk ft. #Playwrights Joshua Bainbridge, , Alanis King, ,+ #Brantford
"Sometimes a writer has to smash the mirror-for it is on the other side of that mirror that the truth stares at us." Happy birthday, Pinter!
Do I dare type these dreaded words? Writer's block. I'll let talk about how to overcome that nasty thing.
We can never get enough of peeking into Margaret Atwood's brain. Oh, wise goddess, tell us more writing treasures.
(Psst: check our website if you haven't already!) We loved your work--what a great little play with so much exciting potential.