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Brian Quirt, Artistic Director

Nightswimming is a dramaturgical company which develops new Canadian plays, performance works and dance, but does not produce them itself. Nightswimming commissions, develops and workshops these projects and seeks out established theatre companies as partners in an extended developmental process leading to production by our partner companies. Nightswimming is devoted, through the creation of these new works, to advancing the field of dramaturgy and play development in Canada; it pursues projects that use poetic text, music and choreographic movement; and is particularly interested in the process of adaptation from existing works of literature and non-fiction. Based in Toronto, Nightswimming collaborates with artists and organizations across Canada. Note: Nightswimming does not accept unsolicited manuscripts.

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The Distillery Historic District
15 Case Goods Lane, Studio #310
Toronto, ON M5A 3C4

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Artistic Director, Brian Quirt
Producer, Brittany Ryan

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... it's been great to have you here doing #SpokenWord during #PlaywrightsColony15. /BQ
(#PlaywrightsColony14) in action Spoken Word / BQ #PlaywrightsColony15
Readings today at #playwrightscolony14 - new works by Jenna Rodgers and Donna-Michelle St. Bernard ... / BQ
post-reading! #playwrightscolony14 . Great work DM! / BQ
Arrivals at #playwrightscolony14: Donna-Michelle St. Bernard + Acting Company. Welcome! /BQ