Past Recipients for the Carol Bolt Award

Kate Hennig (2017)

Play: "The Virgin Trial"


Lisa Codrington (2016)

Play: "Up the Garden Path"


Jordan Tannahill (2015)

Play: Concord Floral


Colleen Murphy (2014)

Play: Pig Girl


David Yee (2013)

Play: carried away on the crest of a wave


Don Hannah (2012)

Play: The Cave Painter


Anusree Roy (2011)

Play: Brothel #9


Michael Nathanson (2010)

Play: Talk


Vern Thiessen (2009)

Play: Vimy


Colleen Murphy (2008)

Play: The Demeber Man


Stephen Massicotte (2007)

Play: The Oxford Roof Climber’s Rebellion


John Mighton (2006)

Play: Half Life


Mieko Ouchi (2005)

Play: The Red Priest (Eight Ways To Say Goodbye)


Florence Gibson (2004)

Play: Home is My Road


Daniel Goldfarb (2003)

Play: Adam Baum and the Jew Movie


Kent Stetson (2002)

Play: The Harps of God