Derek Ritschel

Since 2010, Derek has held the position of Artistic Director for Lighthouse Festival Theatre in Port Dover, Ontario. During this time he has penned three plays for the stage. The Perfect Pitch in 2012, Rum Runners in 2014 (co-written with Steve Thomas), and Fair and Square in 2018. Apart from his success at Lighthouse as a writer, director and actor, Derek has performed in theatres across Canada, and in several television programs and films. He served as the Chair of the Ontario Summer Theatre Association from 2013 to 2015, and is a recipient of the Canada Council for the Arts Professional Development Grant. One of his biggest achievements as a Canadian theatre artist is rescuing Showboat Festival Theatre in Port Colborne from closure in 2013 by reaching out to the theatre’s board of directors and bringing the company under Lighthouse Theatre management. He is a staunch supporter of Canadian playwrights and those who perform Canadian works.