Join the Language Exchange in Montreal!

We are excited to introduce the LANGUAGE Exchange, a new spin on the PGC Creator Exchange!

A Public Reading of "Truth and Treason" by Rahul Varma

Stop by the Canadian Play Outlet between 6 and 7pm on Thursday, November 30th, to hear a public reading of "Truth and Treason" by Rahul Varma.

A short reading by Rahul Varma and Monique Renaud will be followed by an open discussion about the play. Snacks and refreshments will be there to enjoy as well!

Please email to save your spot as there is limited seating.

Location: 401 Richmond Street West, Suite 350, Toronto

PGC Announces the 2017 Tom Hendry Award Winners

Monday, October 30th, 2017 – Last night, the winners of the Carol Bolt Award, RBC Emerging Playwright Award, Stage West Comedy and Musical Awards, Robert Beardsley Award, and PGC’s Lifetime Membership Award were announced at the Tom Hendry Awards ceremony at The Arts and Letters Club of Toronto.

Canadian Plays OutNow! New Titles, September - October 2017

Our bi-monthly e-catalogue of unpublished Canadian plays is now available for download. Enjoy!  In this issue you'll find 7 comedies, 13 dramas, 1 tragic comedy, 2 historical comedy, and 2 musicals!
Check out all the new scripts available here!

Tom Hendry Awards Silent Auction Online Until Sunday!

Our Tom Hendry Awards Silent Auction is available online until Sunday October 29th at 9:30pm. We have an amazing amount of packages for your to bid on and definitely something for everyone. Check out the online auction here.

Some highlights include:

Join the Manitoba Creator Exchange!

The Director/Playwright Exchange is an initiative of PGC, inspired and brought to us by the Dramatists Guild of America. For this event, ten directors and ten playwrights will gather together. Participants will have the opportunity to talk briefly about what kind of work inspires them, and how they like to collaborate artistically, the purpose being to encourage networking opportunities with other practitioners, and to forge new working relationships.


Date: November 20th

Time: 6-8pm

PGC Announces the 2017 Tom Hendry Awards Shortlist

Playwrights Guild of Canada (PGC) proudly announces the shortlists for its 2017 Tom Hendry Awards. The shortlists for the Carol Bolt Award, the RBC Emerging Playwright Award, the Robert Beardsley Award as well as the Stage West Pechet Comedy & Musical Awards have been released by their respective juries.

Watch THIS VIDEO to see the 2017 Tom Hendry Awards Short List.

PDF of full press release with synopses and playwright biographies below.

War Plays: Canadian Plays OutNow! Special Edition

Our Special Edition of CanadianPlaysOutNow! features war plays... no one will ever ask "But what's at stake?" when reading these scripts. This collection deals with the whole spectrum of wartime experiences: soldiers, their families living with the tension, historical accounts of women contributing, the children who grow up with wartime memories and the grandchildren processing their heritage. With a handful of comedies to give dimension to a drama-heavy catalogue, this collection includes both the newest releases and Canadian classics.

#SaveSears Stories

At PGC, we run programs to nurture emerging playwrights and many of our members are active in this drama festival. Along with most of you, we were very concerned
when it was announced they would need to seek new sponsorship.

We solicited stories from our students and educators,
on how this festival had affected your lives - both in high school and beyond.

With a new sponsor soon to be announced, we'd like to share some of
the touching stories received during that month of uncertainty!

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