Uth Ink Revs Up For Year Three

Playwrights Guild of Canada is so incredibly proud of its national youth arts program, Uth Ink, pronounced "youth ink".

Uth Ink has given youth in twelve different communities across the country an amazing opportunity to work with professional artists to write, recite and record three minute plays about where they live.

In South Etobicoke, one young playwright has taken a park in the neighbourhood and transformed it into a toxic wasteland that gives people special powers.

In Whitehorse, a play was written from the perspective of two dogs speaking back and forth to one another about their lives during a routine walk in the park.

In Ottawa, a young playwright reveals the magical warmth and wonder of a chocolate store through the thoughts of the customers and staff.

Thus far, ninety-four plays have been written by the "Uthinkers" and mentored by some of PGC's spectacular members. Linda Carson said that:
"Though I believe that the concept of teens working with professionals is a key component of the Uth Ink project, it is not the only reason I believe this program is valuable. Any program that provides a path for the youth of our country to take a good look at their community and then voice their thoughts, ideas and feelings about it in a theatrical way is a valuable one. "
June 2110 will mark Uth Ink's finale. This year's participating communities will host launches to celebrate the work that the participants have created and accomplished. Please stay tuned for dates.

To listen to the plays go to www.uthinkers.ca

You can also purchase Uth Ink: Word From the Street, published by Playwrights Canada by visiting PGC's website - www.playwrightsguild.ca

For more information email robin@playwrightsguild.ca

And to read a great article about Uth Ink and playwriting go to: http://news.therecord.com/Life/article/664573