Upcoming Webinar - Selfless Self-Promotion with PGC and Andrew Kooman

Join PGC's Public Relations Manager, Monique Renaud, and Canadian playwright, Andrew Kooman to explore the many ways of selfless self-promotion. Let's figure out how to promote ourselves without feeling self abosrbed. No one wants to come across as narcissistic and so we often stay quiet about the amazing work we do. It's time to boldly share your stories without making it about you!


August 9th, 2017

1:00pm EST




Please email monique@playwrightsguild.ca if you need more information.


About Andrew Kooman

Andrew Kooman writes for the page, stage, and screen. His work has been published into more than ten languages around the world and translated. He is author of the plays critically acclaimed plays She Has A Name, which toured Canada in 2012, and We Are the Body, which had its World Premiere in May 2015 and was nominated for 3 Calgary Theatre Critics Awards, including Best New Script in 2015.

Other plays include Shelter, Joseph, Three Monologues, That Towering Cross, After Hymn! and What We Didn't Know.

The film adaptation of She Has A Name is was released globally in December 2016 to critical acclaim and was nominated for 5 Alberta Film and Television Awards, including best picture.  www.shehasanamefilm.com.

Andrew is a writer and producer with Unveil Studios, the production company he co-owns with brothers Matthew and Daniel. Hope In Action, a new book he co-authored about the migrant crisis in Malaysia will be released in English and Mandarin April 2016. 

Follow Andrew on twitter and learn more about his latest work.


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By joining our webinars live, you will have your questions addressed immediately and will be a part of the larger discussion. We hope to see you online on August 9th!