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  • Mar 29, 2016

    Rosemary Rowe talks to PGC about Wet Ink Collective, her work with Buddies in Bad Times Theatre, and the importance of LGBT voices in playwriting. 


    Q: You studied directing at York University before transitioning your focus to playwriting. How does your directing training influence your playwriting? What drew you to playwriting?


    A: I actually started writing plays when I was 16, partly in reaction to other playwrights my age who...

  • Mar 29, 2016

    Bobby Theodore talks to PGC about his work as a translator, the influence that collaboration has on his work, and his two play openings at Tarragon Theatre and Soulpepper Theatre. 

    In addition to his theatre creation, Bobby Theodore also created PGC’s Translation Guidelines for Playwrights and Translators. This resource has been invaluable, helping clarify...

  • Mar 23, 2016

    Budget 2016 includes important investments in the cultural sector.

    Some highlights:

    • Canada Council for the Arts’ budget grows by $180 million over five years, including a $40 million increase this year
    • CBC’s budget grows by $150 million over two years
    • Telefilm and National Film Board’s budgets grow by a combined $8 million over five years
    • A significant increase to the Cultural Spaces Program, for two years ($168.2 million over...
  • Mar 21, 2016

    Read PACT's Engangement Kit to learn more about celebrating WORLD THEATRE DAY on March 27th, 2016.

    The World Theatre Day Engagment Kit covers the following topics:

    • Event Information

    • Messages - Canadian and International

    • Ways to Celebrate

    • How to Spread the Word

    The World Theatre Day Engagement Kit will make it easier for you to celebrate with us! 


    Read the World...

  • Mar 21, 2016


                You’re sitting at home, in your favourite chair - with your favourite animal in your lap (cat? dog? lizard?). You’re surfing the web. You like it because your favourite movies and games and TV shows are at your fingertips. But you also like it because it tells you who you are. You discover all sorts of things about yourself when you’re online. If you buy something online you get a...