Playwrights' POV Issue 8 - "Who's Counting? Playing Hockey with the Boys" by Colleen Murphy

In celebration of International Women's Day, playwright Colleen Murphy has written an article called "Who's Counting? Playing Hockey with the Boys".

"We are writing the classics of the future. There will be a lot of good plays, a few great plays, and probably a lot of not-so-good plays, but the point is we must write them - one after another - creating drama, flooding the market, taking audiences around the world to places they have never been, taking audiences inside our imaginations, inside our cultures, inside the hearts of the characters we create, whether it is a woman growing up in Caledonia in the 1950s or a male soldier in Afghanistan or a female elephant in Asia or a male taxi driver in the Middle East. We must write the present for the future."

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