Playwrights Guild of Canada Opens a NEW Book Store: The Canadian Play Outlet

Playwrights Guild of Canada Opens a NEW Book Store:

The Canadian Play Outlet


Toronto, ON, May 2nd, 2017 - Playwrights Guild of Canada (PGC) celebrates its 45th anniversary by opening a new bookstore in Toronto dedicated to the work of Canadian playwrights. The Canadian Play Outlet was launched yesterday by welcoming community members into the new store and event space at the 401 Richmond building.


After the beloved TheatreBooks closed their doors in 2014, people have been at a loss for a communal space to purchase scripts and discover new plays. PGC is now taking the reins by creating a new and intimate space that will showcase Canadian plays and feature the work of playwrights by hosting play readings, an audio play station, workshops, and more.


City Councillor, Joe Cressy, was amongst the guests at The Canadian Play Outlet launch. Councillor Cressy welcomed the store into the community by saying, “As the local city councillor, I represent an area that has more artists than any other community in Canada. This city is spectacular in a large part because of the work that you do. You do it every day because you have a passion for creating stories and observing who we are. And what could be better than that?”


The 401 Richmond Building is an arts-and-culture hub in downtown Toronto and is the home of over 140 artists and like-minded organizations. Here, the The Canadian Play Outlet will find the enthusiasm, ambition, and support it needs to thrive, not only with hard copy books but with digital scripts and audio plays as well. The Canadian Play Outlet will be open from Monday to Saturday, 9:00am to 5:00pm. It is located in the existing suite of TAPA (Toronto Alliance of the Performing Arts), Theatre Ontario, and PGC, and is available for event bookings through PGC.  


The Canadian Play Outlet

Open: Monday - Saturday


401 Richmond Street West, Suite 350

Toronto, Ontario