PGC's 2nd Annual World Theatre Day 1-Tweet-Play Challenge Results

We asked PGC members, friends and supporters to send in 1-Tweet plays (less than 140 characters) in celebration of World Theatre Day. Here are some of the best submissions. Enjoy!

(musical) you must pay the rent!!/ I can't pay the rent!!/ (smoke. Enters) I'LL PAY THE-- (flying dagger. Dies)/ Pay the rent. -Evan Bawtinheimer ‏

#She: Why did you turn up the music? #He: When it is quiet I can hear the banshee crying. -Tom MacGregor

Robocall: If you're not voting for us, don't vote!/Voter: I wasn't going to vote, but now I'm mad!/Robocon: It wasn't us, it was the Libs!/Robocop:Tell it to the judge!/ - recieved from the Hushmail account of Pierre Poutine...

midnight/ YouTube?...No!...Twitter? Essay...Facebook?-NO! ESSAY!... Read hannah moscovitch?... -Evan Bawtinheimer

Twitter...Tweet.Twitter. Twitter.Tweet, tweet.Twitter! Twitter! Twitter! Tweet!!! -Shirley Jean Tucker

Godot? Wait. Godot? Wait. Godot? Wait. Godot? Wait. Godot? Wait. Godot? Wait. Godot? Wait. Godot? Wait. Godot? Wait........... - Evan Bawtinheimer ‏

Where are my horses?/ I stole them--/You have my--?/I have your horses./No... - Evan Bawtinheimer ‏

(Musical) Get out/I love-/STOP/My parents are dead/Oh./Where do you go at night?/I'm not the one you need now./You are night. - Evan Bawtinheimer ‏

(Russia) Sell the orchard!/But, I'll miss it/ Sell it!/ Then I won't have it./ You're losing it no matter what-SELL IT!/..sigh - Evan Bawtinheimer ‏

I'VE BECOME A RHINOCEROS!/...I haven't. I'm so alone. I wish I was a rhino... (A herd of rhinos stampede by. He watches)   - Evan Bawtinheimer ‏

A hearty thanks to everyone who submitted work. Have a great World Theate Day!