PGC News

  • Dec 18, 2012

    Between September 28th and 30th of 2012, Karen Bassett overcame her suspicion of playwriting workshops and decided to participate in Daniel MacIvor’s Play Finding Workshop, presented by the Playwright’s Atlantic Resource Centre (PARC) in Halifax, Nova Scotia. She agreed to write an article about her experiences at the workshop for Playwrights’ POV. DOWNLOAD THE .PDF TO READ MORE!

  • Dec 17, 2012

    Playwrights Guild of Canada caught up with PGC member, Kyle Capstick to discuss his experience winning Pat the Dog's 2012 24-Hour Playwriting Contest, having a play staged as a 13 year old, and what his future as a playwright holds.

    1. You just won Pat the Dog’s 2012 24-Hour Playwriting Contest with your play I’m Not Anybody. Can...

  • Dec 17, 2012

    Playwrights Guild of Canada caught up with PGC member, Jessica Anderson to discuss her recent RBC Tarragon Emerging Playwrights Award for The Gods and Calvin Brewer, what drew her to writing, and what her plans for the future are.

    1. Your...

  • Dec 17, 2012

    Photo: WGC Executive Director Maureen Parker (left) and Colleen Murphy (right).

    On a festive night in Toronto at the Writers Guild of Canada's (WGC) Holiday Party, hundreds of screenwriters and friends gathered to celebrate the holiday season, as well as to mark the occasion with the awarding of the annual Sondra Kelly Award.

    Sondra Kelly was a founding member of the guild, and served on the WGC Council for eight years. The Award, in her...

  • Dec 12, 2012

    Chantal Bilodeau's award-winning play, Sila, has been named one of ten finalists for the Woodward International Playwriting Prize, to be awarded by the University of New Hampshire in February 2013. The play is the first of her Arctic Cycle, and follows the story of seven characters — a climate scientist, an Inuit activist and her daughter, two Canadian Coast Guard officers, an Inuit...