Give Beyond your Backyard

At this time of giving and receiving, please consider making a donation to the CASA Project. We are over half way to reaching our goal! No donation is too large or too small, but all contributions are tax deductible!


In the summer of 2015, a few of us were fortunate enough to attend the Women Playwrights Conference in Cape Town, South Africa. This conference affirmed our belief that theatre, especially in developing countries, is an important and vital voice: advocating for change as it responds and reflects the world we live in. In Cape Town we were struck by how few African playwrights were represented. However, the handful of women playwrights who did attend were extraordinary, with unique and important stories to tell.


The CASA Project is a collaboration between the Playwrights guild of Canada Women's Caucus and the African Women Playwrights Network in South Africa. We recognize that while playwrights everywhere struggle with their chosen careers, women playwrights in many countries such as India, Afghanistan, and South Africa have much bigger obstacles than ours in Canada. We are now fundraising to support and mentor a mid-career South African woman playwright who would benefit from financial and dramaturgical aid, allowing her time to write. Our recent fundraiser has put us just over the halfway mark to raising our goal of $7,000. Please consider making a donation (tax deductible). Donations can be made at the link below through Canada Helps:

For those of you who have already donated we thank you!

The CASA Project: Beverley Cooper, Sheryl Foggo, Tara Goldstein, Conni Massing, Hope McIntyre, Marcia Johnson, Sally Stubbs and Colleen Wagner.