Check out our new PGC Short Video. The Canadian Play Outlet!

Another PGC Short Video has been released!


Every month, PGC releases a short video about a service or topic that may be of interest to playwrights and the theatre community. This month, Emily takes us on a mini tour through the Canadian Play Outlet. Watch the video HERE!


To view all of our videos that we have released so far in 2017, click on the links provided below:


Why Join PGC?

Watch our first short video on why playwrights should join PGC!


The Tom Hendry Awards

Watch this PGC Short Video to know more about our playwriting awards.



Watch this PGC Short Video to find information about our funding for international playwright readings.


PGC Webinars

Watch this PGC Short Video to learn about the monthly webinars that PGC offers.


The "Aspire Together" Conference

Watch this PGC Short Video to know more about PGC's upcoming conference in June, 2017.


The Canadian Play Outlet

Learn more about the new space in Toronto for browsing and purchasing plays.


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