CanRevue August 2014 Special Edition - Radio Plays

August 2014 Issue of CanRevue, Playwrights Guild of Canada’s bi-monthly e-catalogue of unpublished Canadian plays, is now available for download.


As a way of drawing some attention to the cuts at the CBC, PGC is publishing this very special edition of CanRevue featuring radio plays.

Every one of us out there has had a special relationship with radio drama. Much like a parent reading us to sleep, it has shaped our imaginations, our dreams and our identities. For, to be Canadian is to share stories of our past, present and future while building a great Canadian conscience.

In an age where the younger generation is all about the podcast, we, at PGC, feel that these radio plays need to surface once again. Just because the government has made some cuts, does not mean radio drama is insignificant. We invite you to dive into these amazing works, some of them seeing the light of day for the first time in decades, and to find your own outlet for this art form. Perhaps you’ll host a dinner party / reading with some friends, start a podcast or adapt one of these plays for stage. Perhaps you’ll just read the works featured in this collection and enjoy how fortunate you are to have them at your fingertips. Whatever it is, tell your friends about radio drama because it is an important part of Canadian culture. It cannot die as long as we keep it alive.