Canadian Plays Recommended by Playwrights - By Kristen Da Silva

About Kristen Da Silva

Kristen Da Silva was born in Oakville and raised in the small farming community of Nobleton, Ontario. She attended York University, graduating with an Honours degree in Political Science that she has never done anything with. She has a background in improv and sketch comedy development and performance as a founding member of the Vanier Improv Company and sketch groups Rocket-9 and Gazebo Pals. Her small town roots show up in most of her plays, which include Book Club, Five Alarm, Gibson & Sons (short listed for the 2016 Stage West Pechet Family Comedy Award), Jack's Lake, Sugar Road and The Sunny Side. She currenty lives in Oakville, Ontario and works as a playwright and actor.


Canadian Plays Recommended by Playwrights

When I was asked to recommend a list of Canadian plays, I thought about aiming for a unifying theme but the plays I kept coming back to were simply those that move me. So, here’s a list of plays that make me want to keep writing, plays I want to act in, plays you should read.


1. Mending Fences by Norm Foster 

Synopsis: Harry Sullivan hasn't seen his son Drew in thirteen years.  And now Drew is coming to Harry's Saskatchewan ranch for a visit.  This poignant comedy tells the story of two men who are too stubborn to give in to feelings of the heart.


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2.  The Last Real Summer by Warren Graves 

Synopsis: In this memory play, the older Lizzie reflects on her youth and the choices which led her to her current unrest.


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3. Vinci by Maureen Hunter 

Synopsis: Set in an Italian village in the 15th century, Vinci revolves around the struggle for custody of a gifted child, a "golden boy," Leonarda da Vinci. Padre Bartolomeo, a friend of the da Vinci family, finds himself caught between the powerful da Vincis and Leonardo's defiant unwed mother, Caterina. In his efforts to mediate the dispute and determine the future of Caterina's exceptional child, Bartolomeo comes to a new understanding of the nature of forgiveness and love.


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4. Half Life by John Mighton

Synopsis: Two nursing home residents, both in their eighties, meet and fall in love, rekindling what might have been a wartime romance.


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5. Armstrong’s War by Colleen Murphy 

Synopsis: After suffering an injury during a military tour in Afghanistan, Michael, a young soldier, is recovering in the rehabilitation wing of a hospital. The last thing he wants is to spend time with a twelve-year-old girl, but Halley, a spirited Pathfinder and self-described "reading fiend," is eager to earn her community service badge. The pair is at odds from the start, but they find a shared interest in The Red Badge of Courage, the classic American Civil War novel, which spurs them to reveal their own stories. As their friendship grows, uncomfortable truths are exposed and questioned, redefining the meaning of courage and heroism.


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