Canadian Plays Recommended by Playwright - Hiro Kanagawa

About Hiro Kanagawa

Hiro Kanagawa is a Vancouver-based actor and writer. His distinctions include Jessie Richardson Awards for both acting and writing, an Asians on Film award, and numerous other nominations. Although best known as an actor, he was a story editor on several critically-acclaimed Canadian television series:  Da Vinci’s Inquest, Da Vinci’s City Hall, Intelligence, and Blackstone. His plays Tiger of Malaya and The Patron Saint of Stanley Park have been performed across Canada. His most recent play, Indian Arm received the 2015 Jessie Award for Outstanding Original Script.

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What About These Plays Resonates With You?

"Three things in theatre that transport me, that for me make great theatre a transcendent experience:  poetry, ritual, transgression. Poetry: not just in the language but in the essence of the play's conception. Ritual: I want a play to make me feel its connection to theatre's primordial roots in myths and stories told in fire and darkness. Transgression: I want to be afraid, I want to feel I am seeing and hearing things that are forbidden. Thank you to the plays and playwrights below for affirming and renewing my love of theatre both as an art form and a human experience!"

Plays Recommended

1. The Bone Cage by Catherine Banks

"The one recommendation I have not had the pleasure to see in performance. Reading it, I am enthralled by the profane poetry of the language and the love and cruelty inherent in the setting and characters."

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2. Burning Vision by Marie Clements

"I performed in the Rumble premiere directed by Peter Hinton which went on to the Festival of the Americas in Montreal and the inaugural Magnetic North in Ottawa. I still do not understand it, but it's hypnotic power reverberates in my soul to this day."

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3. The Dragons' Trilogy by Robert Lepage

"I speak un petit peu francais so when I went to see the full version at Festival of the Americas in Montreal, I thought I would last an hour and a half or so. It was in an old metal warehouse down by the river that was baking in the sun--they were passing out bottles of water to everyone in the audience. I wound up staying for the duration, of course, 6 or 7 hrs that I scarcely noticed go by. One of the great theatrical experiences of my life. Talk about transcending language!"

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4. Winners and Losers by Marcus Youssef, James Long

"A thrilling live experience full of danger, veering wildly between gutter humour and high brow political debate, a great example of what Vancouver theatre has to offer the world!"

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5. Tom at the Farm by Michel Marc Bouchard

"Hard to pick from among his plays, but this is the one I saw most recently at Buddies a couple summers ago. It's too bad the words "savage love" are so associated now with a sex advice column because they are the words that come to mind. Savage. Love. Terrible as an army with banners. A terrible, terrible beauty."

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