The Canadian Play Recognition Award - ALL CANADIAN SEASONS!

Playwrights Guild of Canada, in partnership with Theatre Ontario, is starting a new monthly campaign called, The Canadian Play Recognition Awards. This is part of a larger initiative at PGC called the "Canadian Plays in Canadian Communities". The online, recognition campaign aims to celebrate and recognize theatres that are producing Canada plays while inspiring other companies to do the same.

We have introduced the campaign by making a list of theatres who are committing to full seasons of Canadian plays for their upcoming 2017 seasons. This is an ongoing list. We will continue to add theatres to this list as we find out about them.

Theatres can be nominated for the Canadian Play Recognition Awards and that can be done by filling out THIS FORM.

The first single Canadian Play Recognition Award was announced at the end of October, 2016 and we are continuing to recognize a single company who is inserting Canadian plays to their seasons.