As the voice of Canadian playwrights, PGC advocates on many civil and/or government issues that affect the ability of playwrights to make a living and to protect their works.

PGC partners with other like-minded arts organizations and funders that share its goals and concerns.

In the fall of each year, PGC's Advocacy Committee develops an advocacy plan for the year. This year's priorities include:

  • Creating greater resources and tools for playwrights and theatres to connect
  • Informing the membership on current government issues that are relevant to PGC's members (for example, copyright)
  • Acting as a conduit of information on changes to the Canada Council for the Arts
  • Working with other arts organizations to build strategies on increased funding for Canadian artists
  • Creating greater awareness of Canadian playwrights in schools on an international level

The Advocacy Committee is made up of Action Captains:

Lisa O'Connell, David Copelin, maureen Gualtieri, Elyne Quan, Michelle Kneale, and Robin Sokoloski